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A lot of webmasters want to protect their site so that only a specified group of people can access the content. The traditional method called "basic auth" is more or less out of date, nearly all bigger sites are using an authentication based on cookies. This apache module realises cookie authentication against a mysql database. The great advantage of this implementation is its safety against hacking attempts. The cookie stores only random session data, no username nor a password is transmitted via the cookie. Additionally the users IP can be checked and an expiration time for the session data can be set. more...


You want to modify system wide UNIX/LINUX configuration files with your webbrowser which only root can write ? Without additional modules this isn't possible at all (unless you make your configuration files writable for your webserver). With this tool a non-root user can write pre-defined configuration files. The communication is done over UNIX sockets. It integrates user authentication and high security by dropping all not-needed privileges and using chroot() jails. more...


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All projects (as far as not differently described) are license under a GPL-like license. You can use the code without paying anything for it, you may redistribute and modify it, but you have to mention the original author of the code.


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If you have further question you can contact my on many different ways. Indeed, the simplest methods are e-mail or using the forum.